Two Player

Two Player

What are two player games?

Two player games are the games which you can play the game against a friend, a brother, a sister or anyone in the same computer with the same keyboard.

What is your goal with 2 player games?

There can be many type of two player games like adventure, action, skill, sports, shooting, racing, etc. On each of these, you goal will be different. For instance, in adventure games, you may need to collect coins, save some people and animals and get the exit door but in a sport game, there can be a challenge against the player ahead based on score.

How should you play?

According to game's goal, you may need to get to the exit door by cooperating with your game partner or you may need to score higher then your opponent or you may need to get to the finish like before your opponent. On each game, you can find an explanation about what you goal is.