iO Games

iO Games

What are io games?

iO Games are web-based arcade games. In these kinds of games, you can play with anyone around the world.

What is your goal with io Games?

Your goal is to score as highest as possible with the character you are playing. For instance, if you are playing a snake io game, your goal is to collect as much as baits you can and avoid the other players. You can challenge a friend and start a competition between each other on scoring the highest.

How should you play?

In most of the io games, you should not hit other players while playing. If you hit, you will lose the game. But, you can follow a strategy for other players to hit you. If other players hit, they lose and they drop many baits. These baits will feed you more than casual drops around.

What controls do we use?

Generally, the io game system uses "MOUSE", "LEFT-CLICK" or "ARROW KEYS" key combinations.