Heads Mayhem

Heads Mayhem

The battle is beginning in the Heads Mayhem arena with powerful heads! During the game, your goal is to fall your opponents from the platform by using bullets pushing force. Pick power-ups during the game to have shields, increase the number of life or increase the number of grenade. Grenade's explosions or RPG rockets are the powerful weapons in the game. Blow up your opponent with RPG to have certain winning of round. You can play the game up to 4 player. Let's go!

Game controls:
Player 1:
Fire: "M"
Bomb: "N"

Player 2:
Move: "W,A,S,D"
Fire: "H"
Bomb: "G"

Player 3:
Move: "I,J,K,L"
Fire: "P"
Bomb: "O"

Player 4:
Move: "NUM 4,5,6,8"
Fire: "NUM 0"
Bomb: "NUM 1