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Gangster Hero Grand Simulator

Gangster Hero Grand Simulator game is an unblocked 3D game in which you control a character as 3rd person camera view. Before you start the game, design your character however you want and then hit the play button to spawn inside of the city. You can drive cars, or you can fight against criminals or you can do missions. The missions are spread around the city and you can earn money if you can complete these missions. You can buy new items for your character and you can create your own world! Let the city simulator adventure begin!

Game controls:
Move: "W,A,S,D"
Aim: "MOUSE"
Switch camera: "C"
Reset Car/Reload: "R"
Radio: "Z"
Roll: "Q"
Car enter/exit: "F"
Map: "M"
Inventory: "E"
Weapon switch: "MOUSE SCROLL"
Jump: "SPACE"
Sprint/Nitro: "L-SHIFT"
Pause: "ESC"